Master Amazon’s Vendor Advertising Flywheel: From AMG To AMS & AAP

Navigating Amazon’s Search & Display Advertising to Maximize Campaigns & Drive Conversions

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Wednesday, May 30th @ 11am PT

Amazon Vendors, it is time to take control of your brand identity, advertising & search rank. If you want to drive discoverability, compel conversions & escalate sales, the time is now to take full advantage of Amazon’s Advertising Flywheel.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Comprehensive breakdown of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem
  • Discerning factors that influence when to invest in AMS & AAP
  • Advantageous leverage of flywheel platforms to generate demand
  • Momentous interconnection of paid, owned and earned media
  • Data-backed approach to AMG ad spend allocation

Don’t Miss Out—We’ve brought in e-commerce expert, Skubana’s Chad Rubin, and Amazon Marketplace guru, CPC Strategy’s Leo Carrillo, to unpack all aspects and potential benefits of Amazon’s Advertising Flywheel.

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Event Speakers


Leo Carrillo

Lead Marketplace Channel Analyst

Chad Rubin

Co-Founder & CEO

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